The Sydney Testing Market

“Ozzie for 3 Weeks” overview of the Testing Market in Sydney – Blog post by James Aspinall (The PeopleTester)

I have been threatening to become regular with this blogging/brain dumping thing for a while now for both personal and professional gain. But, having no confidence in my written word (I’m a speaker not a writer), I always seem to find some reason not to publish or even write in the first place. However, due to the recent hype around a Book/Hollywood Film; there is a ‘motivational’ quote by Jordan Belfort doing the rounds on LinkedIn which seems to have done the trick with me. So here we go…

To ease myself in I thought I would give a brief “Ozzie for 3 Weeks” overview of the Testing Market in Sydney. The disclaimer being in the title guys, go easy on my yet unwarranted accusations I hope to be able to quantify them in the coming months.

I have now officially started my role as Genesis IT’s Principal Testing Consultant specialising in the full spectrum of software testing professionals. First impressions of the Market in Sydney seemed promising with numerous testing roles advertised on the job boards (Or should that be singular, Board) suggesting Business is now truly buying into the important of a strong in house Testing function. The majority were advertised by Recruitment Agencies and in my opinion were a generic description of a “Checker” – which bodes well for me, but that is a separate blog all together.

Dedicating my time to building a portfolio of Testers (and making some friends) I caught a glimpse into the ‘standard’ skill set of an ‘employable’ Tester in Australia, and it was difficult not to compare this to the ‘standard’ skill set of my guys back in the UK. Once you see past all the out dated, dusty text book acronyms at the tops of CVs the fundamentals of the Candidates were strong with a one notable difference being the longevity that Candidates in Australia seem to have with in a Client compared to home.

Moving into the Business Development phase it was clear that Automation Specialists are in high demand with all the major consultancies in the cities crying out. A (generic and sweeping) heads ups for any testers looking to diversify/up skill/future proof their CV: Be able to deliver quality automated solutions using Java/.Net with an understanding of object orientated development practice in say, C#.Net or something to that affect. With this comes the inevitable version control systems and the ideal exposure to continuous integration tools. The Cloud, Web and Mobile are not the future they are the present and some experience in these areas is now a must. Get yourself acquainted with one or more of the following Selenium, Ranorex, RTF, TOSCA and delete the letters Q&C and Q&T&P from your CV, or at the very least put them at the bottom.

With more and more Testing Professionals entering the market it is time to start differentiating yourself from the crowd. Find your niche and excel at it. Network, become and contribute to your local testing community. I saw a great CV last week where the Candidate (on top of a strong development/automated backstory) offered extensive CMS testing exposure specifically in Episerver, SiteCore & CQ5 (or Adobe AEM if we’re being P.C) and he was active with in the community. One of the most employable guys I have seen yet.

My overall vision is to create a close knit & talented community of testing professionals here in Sydney; that offers access to training, resources, advice, and employment in one place like the Ministry of Testing. A perfect platform for this would be something like the already successful which is quickly becoming a credible name within the City; currently boasting over 1200 Members and growing month on month.  We digress, in summary; the market for Candidates is looking good. Get automated and go Open Source. Network, be active and love what you do!

I am welcoming any feedback and/or lively debate surrounding anything that I have touched upon.

In hoping this wasn’t to generic and unsupported